You make plans. We'll take care of your farm.

There are many reasons to sell a farm. And many more reasons to sell through a Ritchie Bros. unreserved public on-the-farm auction in Canada or the USA.

If you're making plans to retire, relocate, re-size, or re-align, Ritchie Bros. is here to help. Our on-the-farm auctions bring farmers qualified buyers, better returns and, more importantly, the opportunity for change.

Talk to a representative near you about selling your farmland and equipment at a Ritchie Bros. unreserved auction.

Contact us toll-free at:
Canada West: +1(800) 491-4494
Canada East: +1(800) 357-0659
United States: +1(800) 726-1655

Bob Cooke - Jemstar Farms (Walkerton, ON)

"Ritchie Bros. в состоянии проконтролировать все аспекты аукционнной сделки. От рекламы аукционов до самого аукционного процесса. Широкая аукционная сеть и активная рекламная кампания помогают вам получить доступ к самой широкой аудитории клиентов"

За последние 45 лет компания Jemstar Farms усилиями братьем Джеймса, Дэвида и Боба Куков превратилась в крупнейшую скотопромышленную компанию в канадской провинции Онтарио. Желая уйти из бизнеса по возрасту, братья Кук выбрали аукционы Ritchie Bros. для реализации своего оборудования, заказав организацию аукциона с нефиксированной ценой в марте 2009 года.

On-the farm auctions.

On-the-farm auctions.

We conduct hundreds of full-service, on-the-farm auctions across Canada each year, helping farmers when they retire or simply decide to sell a farm – land, equipment, and livestock.

Ritchie Bros. Agriculture Division – people you can count on.

Ritchie Bros. Agriculture Division – people you can count on.

Our Agriculture Division - a team of people from farms and farming backgrounds with the support of the entire Ritchie Bros. organization behind them – understands the needs of farmers, and uses their in-depth knowledge of the agriculture market to help sellers get top dollar for their equipment and farmland.

Same full-service, fully-mobile.

At our on-the-farm auctions, Ritchie Bros. brings an entire mobile, fully-staffed auction unit to your property with trailers used for registration, administration and payment offices, mobile auction booth complete with P.A. and online bidding connections, even heated/air conditioned bathrooms for customers.

Our service includes:

  • Setting up equipment to be sold
  • Providing transport from parking areas to where items are being sold
  • Making food & beverages available for bidders
  • Conducting the live & online auction with professional, experienced farm auctioneers
  • Collecting proceeds of sale on your behalf

You'll always reach the most buyers possible with:

  • Your farmland, equipment and livestock featured in our targeted print and online marketing
  • On-site and online bidding
Узнайте, сколько стоит Ваше оборудование.

Узнайте, сколько стоит Ваше оборудование.

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