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More than auctions

Whether your business is small or large, just starting out or well-established, you can count on Ritchie Bros. for help with ALL your equipment-related needs.

We have been conducting equipment and truck auctions for more than 60 years, but today we offer so much more.

  • Need financing? We have it.
  • How about an appraisal? No problem.
  • Want more data to help with decision making? We have that.
  • Need help organizing and managing your fleet? We can help.

At Ritchie Bros., we now offer more tools, solutions, and services than ever before to help your business at every stage with inventory & fleet management systems, asset appraisals & inspections, the latest pricing data & market intelligence to guide decision-making, and of course our trusted selling channels that let you buy and sell equipment where, when and how you want.

Ritchie Bros. family of brands

Here's a brief description of some of the MANY solutions and services Ritchie Bros. offers today:

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers – unreserved site auctions

The original Ritchie Bros. auction featuring time & money-saving all-inclusive service. Held at one of our 40 auction sites or a temporarily leased location, these site auctions are conducted 100% online. Completely unreserved, every item in the auction is sold to the highest bidder on auction day, regardless of price. These site auctions are conducted by an auctioneer and offer free storage, buyer inquiry & inspections, as well as value-added services such as refurb & paint services.

IronPlanet – weekly online featured auctions

With IronPlanet, equipment is sold from the consignor’s property and is accompanied by an inspection report backed by IronClad Assurance. Bids are made online in set increments, with the highest bidder on auction day winning the item.

Marketplace-E – reserved daily marketplace

Available 24/7, this always on marketplace provides consignor’s more control over the selling price and process, with ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Make Offer’ options. Like IronPlanet, items are sold from the consignor’s property and are backed by IronClad Assurance.

Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions – asset management and disposition

Upload your entire fleet into Ritchie Bros.' free inventory management system and sell in any one of the solutions above with the click of a button. RB Asset Solutions is a complete, end-to-end asset management and disposition system that helps customers better organize and track their fleet. Within RB Asset Solutions, customers can also access a wealth of value-added services, including some of the ones listed below.

Ritchie Bros. Market Trends & Rouse Analytics – data to help drive decision making

With billions of dollars of equipment transacting via our multiple global sales channels each year, Ritchie Bros. has the data to provide unmatched insights into market trends around the world, especially now that we have welcomed Rouse Services to our Ritchie Bros. family. Leverage valuable insights to help guide your equipment sales strategy

Ritchie Bros. Financial Services – experts in equipment and truck financing

Wherever you choose to shop, Ritchie Bros. Financial Services' PurchaseFlex Financing can help because unlike banks, PurchaseFlex Financing pre-approvals aren’t built for one asset at pre-determined pricing. Instead, they cover a wide range of equipment types and ages giving you maximum flexibility to buy what and where you want.

Ritchie Bros. Appraisal Services – understand the value of your fleet

When you need to make informed decisions about your assets, you want the most accurate appraisals available. RB Appraisal Services offers both USPAP compliant and standard equipment appraisals.

As you see, we have a wealth of solutions and services for all types of customer needs, including a few industry-specific selling solutions in GovPlanet, Kruse Energy, and SalvageSale. We strive to serve as a true trusted advisor for our customers, providing them the data, services, and solutions they need to succeed. Today, at Ritchie Bros., we still love auctions, but we are so much more.

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